Good Will Hunting

A Social Enterprise conference at Harvard was the excuse to go visit my old friend from Mexico City in Cambridge.
Some friends from the MSSE program were also joining, so we thought it could be a good team-building experience –and it was.

Catching up with my friend over games, cheese and wine made me remember how happy our years in DF were –Gael García Bernal's new show, Mozart in the Jungle, has also been giving me some pretty good flashbacks. I was staying on her couch, and sharing good experiences with her two MIT roommates. 

Food was amazing during the whole weekend: Orinoco with a bright British-Australian, my beloved Shake Shack for bad hangovers, and lots of laughters over snacks –my personal favorite. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-13 at 8.37.28 PM.png

The whole weekend was full of references to previous lives. Happy previous lives. 

One of the roomies was a super shy but charming guy.
He made me remember how important playing is. 

The overall conference experience was a bit underwhelming. Panels were interesting, but nothing was life-changing. Conversations with many Harvard and MIT people –intimidating institutions– were as shallow and as deep as the ones I have with the rest of the humans I have met from UNAM, Sorbonne, Los Andes, Community Colleges –or autodidacts.  

This quick trip was a reminder of my abilities to adapt, to network, and to be happy in very different environments. I genuinely think I have created some kind of new comfort zone for myself.
I feel fulfilled.